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Why Americans Love Cinco de Mayo

May 4, 2019 - Comment

Cinco de Mayo is one of America’s most popular holidays. It has become a time of celebration, one of those occasions that allow us to have fun without putting on airs.

Cinco de Mayo has become a day of Americans embracing cultural traditions in our own unique way.

Here are 7 reasons we love Cinco de Mayo!

7 Reasons Americans Love Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo has become a day of Americans embracing cultural traditions in our own unique way.

Here are some reasons Americans love this day of celebration!

We Love Underdogs
As one of the world’s youngest countries, we’re familiar with the battles waged to become a country of our own.

Mexico has similar history in their fight for freedom near Mexico City in the state of Puebla.

Viva Mexico!

We Love learning about other cultures
As the melting pot of the world we continue to expand our love for the customs, artwork and food from the people and nationalities we are comprised from.

Sharing styles and foods from the diversities of our peoples may be how such a large country can truly be united

We Love Mexican Food
How do we know America loves Mexican food? A walk through your local grocery may tell us. Year by year the number of foods and beverages sold originating from other countries grows.
Maybe you have noticed a growing number of ethnic shops making it easier to find fresh ingredients for more authentic dishes

We Love Brewers and Beer
Americans love to drink beer with their food. Whether we’re celebrating Octoberfest or Cinco De Mayo, we enjoy planning just the right beers to accompany our favorite dishes.

Craft beer makers have breweries popping up giving us new flavors to look forward to.

We Love Celebrating
Americans work hard and look for times to take well deserved break!

We Love to Cook and Entertain
We plan elaborate parties and intimate gatherings to enjoy special moments with family and friends.

We Love Sombreros
Sombreros are a symbol of our southern neighbors unique to their history and culture.

Sombreros protected our southern neighbors from the elements as Carhartt outerwear protects us today.

A symbol we recognize as unique to Mexico as the Cowboy Hat is to Americans.
They’re big, colorful and we just love them!

Beef Tacos plated with rice and refried beans

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Four styles of beer in glasses

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Graduation Day

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