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Reality of Graduation

April 22, 2019 - Comment

As the day of your graduation grows closer, you realize how different your life is becoming. Chances are you’re feeling a little uncertain, maybe even a bit overwhelmed.

Post Graduation Tips

A joyful student captures smiling and looking onward wearing a graduation cap

As the day of your graduation grows closer, you realize how different your life is becoming. Chances are you’re feeling a little uncertain, maybe even a bit overwhelmed.

With so many changes rapidly approaching, it’s important to stay balanced and keep your mind on defining your future.

Here are some suggested tips that may help you on your path to success.

Seek Advise

Your friends’ parents can be incredibly insightful. Have conversations with those who you view as successful.

Chances are you’ll discover they haven’t always been prosperous. Hearing them tell their story can help you understand their past and present struggles and may be incredibly inspirational.

No doubt, their path to the successes they now enjoy are vastly different than the direction they set out on.

Be sure to listen for key takeaways, where their lives changed for the better or for the worst.

Consider jotting down some notes when you get home and put them away someplace safe. In the years to come, those same notes will take on different meanings as your place in life changes.

Mentoring and Interning

It’s important to find people you admire that you can learn from, and equally important to mentor others in along your path.

If you’re working in a job outside of your discipline, look for opportunities to volunteer with firms within your job scope. A few hours a week can boost your experience and may even help you build some great associations. 

As a protege, you’re able to begin honing your decision-making skills. As a mentor, you may begin to realize how far you’ve come.

If you’re looking for a confidence booster, spend some time mentoring. You’ll likely find that you learn some things when we share it with someone else. There is a great personal reward in mentoring, that leads to deeper growth.

Be More Visible

Spend some time routinely to tweak your resume, update your LinkedIn profile. It’s valuable to search for others in your field, comparing their skills. You may find yourself motivated to pursue a particular niche where talent is needed.

Also, consider asking fellow students for their resume’. It’s a good way to view how they are presenting themselves. Later, when they find work, you may see a correlation with the core values of the company that hired them.

Create some job boards accounts. Not only will you be able to apply for work that interests you, but better understand specific skills employers are looking for. Additionally, you’ll see how certain skills are described in differing ways.

Don't Overdo It

Regardless of who you ask, it’s doubtful that if you asked them if they ever thought they had worked too hard at something that they would say “No”.

Many times we tend to push so hard for something that we fail to take time to enjoy ourselves. For some, this is an area that has to be developed. Failing to develop appropriate de-stressors can be devastating to a good career.

The beauty of our youth is that we find joy in discovering new things. Find a hobby that interests you. But, be careful not to find five new hobbies!

If your an over-achiever, be careful not to allow you neglected hobbies to add further stress!

Don't Obsess over Perfection

You may see some of your classmates obtain instant success. Sometimes we have a feeling that we are still struggling to have our lives all mapped out. Life rarely fits in the neat little boxes we might have imagined.

It’s paramount to understand that some things we are able to control over, and other things are beyond our control. Whatever you do, don’t give up.

How you spend your time and how you direct your development are the things you can control. If you need to give up some Saturday’s to work on those things do it!

Avoid Overstressing

Let’s face it, if we don’t find work in your field, stress will find you.

Everyone has negative thoughts, but the difference in how we react to them plays a large part in our successes or failures. Avoid allowing negative thoughts to take up residency.

Your youth is an advantage that allows you time to continue developing. Consider redirecting negative thoughts outwardly to that end.

If your having some tough days or weeks, spend time looking for free industry newsletters. You’ll be able to follow trends that interest you. You may even find something you’re deeply passionate about.

Finding Avocations

It’s important to establish healthy exercise routines and hobbies.

Realize that even the most successful people schedule activities outside of their determined goals. Try to find small groups that meet regularly within your hobbies and interests.

Engage in activities that will keep your body fit. Walking is a great way to reset after a long day. You’ll benefit from the exercise, and equally importantly you’ll have time to consider the days’ challenges more objectively.

Young lady poses for a graduation photo wearing cap

Graduation Day

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