Cinco De Mayo

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with great recipes and beer!

Beer Pairings For Mexican Menu Dishes

Chicken Burritos on cutting board

Cinco de Mayo is one of America’s most popular holidays. It has become a time of celebration, one of those occasions that allow us to have fun without putting on airs.

No doubt, you’re preparing to celebrate with your favorite Mexican dishes. Pairing the right beers with Mexican dishes will make the meal a great success.

These simple tips will keep your taste buds happy when pairing a festive array of Mexican dishes with your favorite Cervezas!

Flavor Unity

Pair foods having spicy and heavy flavors with beers having darker more rich body.

For example, Taco Salads, and Chicken Tortilla Soups will pair nicely with Mexican  lagers such as Tecate, Pacifico, Corona Light, Sol and Dos Equis Lager Especial

Robust favorites such as Chicken Mole, Chili Colorado, Jalapeno, and Beef Canitas require the rich flavor profile of beers like Negra Modelo, Michelob Amberboch, and Dos Equis Amber.

Whatever amazing Mexican dishes you’re preparing for Cinco De Mayo, they are sure to be enjoyed better with beer!

Unique Ingredients

Mexican chefs infuse dishes with unique flavors to deliver delicious combinations of flavors in every bite!

Bowl filled with Cilantro and Limes
Peppers add flavor to many Mexican foods
Diced red onion in a bowl

Among the many flavors in your Mexican favorites are Cilantro and Lime.

Cilantro is the green leafy part of the coriander plant. Its unique flavor adds a freshness to dishes, refreshing the palate.

Mexican chefs use a lot of citrus fruits indigenous to the region to add zest to their cooking.

A wide array of peppers are used to add nuance to many of your Mexican foods.

Peppers add fresh flavors, smokiness, and heat.

Pepper plants continue to produce peppers as long as they can get water and stay above freezing.

Garlic is used in most world cuisines.

Mexican chefs use garlic to boost flavors in many great recipes too.

Garlic plants spread year by year like many bulb plants. Break off a bulb or two and plant it just beneath the soil to grow your own.

Red onions have great texture, are mildly spicy.

The oils given off when cooking will fill your house with an appealing aroma.

In addition, red onions provide a little color to foods improving presentation.

Beef Tacos plated with rice and refried beans

Understanding a beer’s flavor profile can simplify the guesswork in matching complementary foods.

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Four styles of beer in glasses

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